Monday, March 11, 2019

All Sorts of Things

What's the ROTT team working on now? All sorts of things!

  • Slash TV: A robust Android environment for the Tinker Board. Currently in development phase.
  • NanoPi Fire3: We're working on bringing Slash TV to this tiny board as well as maybe other things. Check out the specs on this board!
  • ROTT: A new release is up on the web site. Download it and give it a try! It's 1.07s.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

ROTT 1.0.6s is Out!

The long awaited ROTT 1.0.6s is out. Go to the Downloads page on the web site and grab it. Read the release notes. There are sound issues involving external HDDs.

Also note that this version has an SD card version and eMMc version. The eMMc is way faster; you will have to read up on how to flash an eMMc on the Tinker Board S in particular if you want to use it.

Check out this link:

Friday, February 8, 2019

The Timing is Perfect

Yes, you read the headline right. The timing is perfect for Retro Gaming on the Tinker Board. Everything is coming together like a miracle right at this pivotal time. This is going to be phenomenal! Hang onto your seats!

Why, you ask, is the timing perfect? Well for starters R.O.T.T. jumped six fold in GPU performance yesterday. Things are not choppy on this board anymore. I've seen the videos and they're amazing. We are cooking with peanut oil.

Also by some small miracle I, Neil Bradshaw, got inspired and just whipped up a web site. Then everything else fell into place. The Discord, the Patreon...all of it. Now we as a team have a centralized hub outside of Facebook and a permanent home on the web. Crash was totally cool with it and let me roll. Now we have this. On top of it, a user by the name of silviustro in Discord came on and offered to help me in my Discord shortcomings. Inspired by Crash letting me roll rather than dictating to me, I let this user have admin and hoped for the best. Lo and behold, they assembled everything in Discord. Like I tell people, if you make people feel important they will do great things for you. Perfect example.

Lastly, the Tinker Board has fallen in price. This may be because a lot of people had high hopes for it to work with RetroPie and it's just now coming around. That being said, let's do some quick math in comparison to our nearest companion in the community, the ODROID-XU4. The ODROID-XU4 is going to set you back $62. Then you'll need a USB hub. Another $5. Then you need Bluetooth and WiFi adapters. That's another $10. So now you're flying close to $77 and you have a device with a bunch of crap hanging off it because of lack of integrated features.

How much is a Tinker Board going to set you back? Just $59 on Amazon. That's $18 of difference which will score you a case and a power supply. That's another nice thing about the Tinker Board. The same form factor opens up the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+ case market to it mostly. ODROID-XU4 users are stuck with a few options.

So ultimately if the Tinker Board squares off to the ODROID-XU4 right now it's an $18 savings if it will do the same stuff. And it's getting there. Fast. Now for eMMc there is no clear winner. The Tinker Board S has 16GB built in eMMc and will cost you $85. An eMMc for the ODROID-XU4 of the same size runs $14. So you have the Tinker Board S at $85 and the ODROID-XU4 with eMMc and all the fixings for $91. Basically the Tinker Board S still wins but it's a $6 difference. Not so much of a gap.

There you have it. The timing is perfect.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Patreon is Up

The Patreon is up for Retro Gaming on the Tinker Board. Give us all your money. All of them!

Just kidding. But hopefully the Patreon will help fund activities that the group does. Web hosting costs money. Buying domain names cost money. Software and hardware costs money. So this will help out in that arena.

The Patreon will also serve as a means to fund things like adding support for devices by buying them, supplying developers with Tinker Boards, etc. So all good will is meant by this Patreon. If you play on the Tinker Board with our software and like us enough, feel free to donate.

As I, Neil Bradshaw, get time I will try to set up tiers and perks for donating. I just need to talk to Crash about a game plan.

A Major Bump in Performance

The GPU for the Tinker Board has been upped by SIX TIMES in performance as of last night. As a result Dreamcast and PSP are beautiful. Look for this performance increase in future releases.

First 24 Hours of the Web Site

So we have a web site! Awesome! R.O.T.T. finally has a web platform to call home. It's big, beautiful, and is loaded with information as well as a download link for the software. This should shore up problems with keeping things centralized.

As you probably already know we have a Facebook group that is quite active. There's a link on every page to it. Knock yourself out.

A Discord server has been generated but needs tweaking. For now there's a general channel and that should make everyone happy. We'll work on this more later in the week.

Finally, this blog exists. We'll use this to deliver news and updates to R.O.T.T. software that are in the works. This keeps everyone posted as we continue to move forward and push the Tinker Board to its full potential.

Thanks for stopping by, and get your retro game on!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

New Blog

This is the official blog for Retro Gaming on the Tinkerboard which largely revolves around the ROTT RetroPie releases. More to come soon!

All Sorts of Things

What's the ROTT team working on now? All sorts of things! Slash TV: A robust Android environment for the Tinker Board. Currently in d...